Ep 13. Red light spider fights and scientific story telling with Leilani Walker

Scientist, communicator, singer, story teller and card shark Leilani Walker is an upcoming force in New Zealand science and exploration. Along with scientific illustrator Emma Scheltema, Leilani is launching a new initiative to raise awareness of New Zealand’s unique insect fauna by designing an insect themed set of playing cards. Pre-orders for the ‘Insects of New Zealand’ playing cards are online now!

Hear the story of how this initiative came about on the podcast here

Order your own set of Insects of New Zealand playing cards here

On the podcast Leilani philosophises on the use of language in science and how scientists are able to tell stories through their writing. Leilani put this in to practice herself as she shares her passion for science and exploration and how it has lead her to conduct a PhD studying the combative mating systems of sheet-web spiders.

Check out Leilani’s blog here or follow her on twitter @Lanipai

Find out more www.insituscience.com

Music www.bensound.com


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