Ep 54. Dinosaur detectives and frozen crocodiles with Ada Klinkhamer

The enormous, long-necked Sauropods are some of the most iconic dinosaurs, and its no surprise given the almost unfathomable sizes that they grew to. Ada Klinkhamer is a palaeontologist from the University of New England that studies how these ancient beasts could have moved and how their skeletons would have supported such enormous bodies.

In an interview with In Situ Science Ada chats with us about what its like being a dinosaur detective and piecing together stories about how dinosaurs lived from fragments of information. We also chat about what makes good science fiction and why the latest Jurassic World films just aren’t cutting the mustard.

Find out more about Ada’s research on the Fear Lab Website or follow her on Twitter @ada_klinkhamer

Music: ‘Strange Stuff’ by Sonic Wallpaper – www.sonicwallpaper.bandcamp.com

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