In Situ Science – Making Science Happen

We’re proud to announce that In Situ Science is embarking on a new mission to bridge the gap between science research and science communication. We will be using our platform as a science communication outlet to support ongoing scientific research.

In Situ Science is now a registered not-for-profit organisation. We are keen to work together with companies and individuals that are interested in supporting the incredible work of Australian scientists and explorers.

We are excited to announce the first recipients of research funding through In Situ Science. We partnered with the School of Environmental and Rural Sciences at the University of New England to recognise research excellence in postgraduate students. Three students were selected following a peer-reviewed application process and have been awarded Research Excellence Awards. You can read more about their projects here.

We are very excited to continue our journey to support scientists and would love to work together with individuals and institutions who care about fostering the spirit of exploration and discovery throughout Australia. Get in touch to to enquire about donating, volunteering opportunities, and partnerships by emailing


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