Ep 62. Machine learning and digital bricklayers with Will Billingsley


William B_004
Will Billingsley – University of New England

With computer technology processing rapidly, and the proliferation of the internet into all aspects of our lives and businesses, you can’t blame people for feeling a little bit out of control. With technologies such as ‘machine learning’ and ‘artificial intelligence’ becoming more common place we are beginning to ask questions about how much we actually understand what is going on.

In this episode we sit down for a chat with technologist and computer science educator Will Billingsley from the University of New England to talk about what the future holds for computer science. We talk about the importance of understanding how the programmes we create actually work, and (more importantly) how good a show Black Mirror is!


Follow Will on twitter @wbillingsley and check out his website wbillingsley.com

Music: ‘Strange Stuff’ by Sonic Wallpaper – www.sonicwallpaper.bandcamp.com

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