Ep 72. Honey bees, slime moulds and velvet worms with Tanya Latty



Urban beekeeping is all the rage but its not the only thing you can do to help pollinators. Tanya Latty from the University of Sydney says being a lazy gardener may be the best thing you can do to help your local bees, beetles and butterflies. Tanya’s work was recently featured on ABC’s Catalyst as part of the Great Australian Bee Challenge.

Tanya and her lab work on understanding how social organisms work together to solve problems like navigation, predation and decision making. Incredibly this work can help scientist and engineers develop new technologies such as self-driving cars and autonomous robots. 

We had a few audio issues with this one. Apologies for the scratchy track, but a million thanks to John Dennison for helping out and saving this one for us!

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