The Science Behind Poultry Farming

The global demand for poultry continues to rise but the resources we have to produce them don’t, so how can we continue to farm poultry sustainably, ethically and responsibly?

A large proportion (20%) of dietary protein fed to broiler chickens is undigestible. These represent a significant proportion of diet cost and may have negative effects on broiler gastrointestinal health and performance. Moreover, decreasing protein excretion is important for reducing the environmental impact of production.

In 2018 Klinton McCafferty ws the recipient of an In Situ Science Research Excellence Award. Klinton’s research investigates how protease enzymes target these unavailable protein fractions and increase overall protein digestion and absorption, leading to improvements in broiler growth performance.

Thanks to the University of New England for their generous support of this scheme.

You can help In Situ Science support more groundbreaking research by becoming a Patreon supporter. 

Feature image: Wikimedia commons

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