Ep 77. Craft beers, trilobites and Lagerstätten with John Paterson

John PatersonJohn Paterson is a professor of paleontology and earth sciences at the University of New England. He studies the evolution of life during the Cambrian explosion. Some of his recent research has shown that during this time some of the largest predators around, Anomalocaris, had wonderfully complex eyes and they were likely to be incredible visual predators of their time.

In this interview we also hear about his work studying the fossils found in the Emu Bay Shale on Kangaroo Island. We also hear about how he and his team celebrated their 10 year anniversary of working at the Emu Bay Shale with a specially brewed ‘Shale Ale’, a craft beer filtered through fossil remnants.

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2 thoughts on “Ep 77. Craft beers, trilobites and Lagerstätten with John Paterson

  1. Thank’s John, I must agree that palaeontology is a passion. As a graduate of UNE with geology major (under Prof. Peter Flood) I could not resist a reply particularly as I have been somewhat passionate myself with the Cambrian and Trilobites. A quick anecdote: Way back in time, the 1970’s to be precise I ventured to climb and visit the Burgess Shale in BC. Takes a while to get up there and a fair while in return so really I only had a brief time there. Grabbed a handful of shale after finding a single specimen of Marella splendens, and had to return to town. Marella took pride of place in my collection, the rest of the shale I archived. Wind the clock forward to about 2010 and sorting through the shale, discard or not? Strange fossil in there I think, and thanks to Stephen Jay Gould’s book “A Wonderful Life” realised I was in possession of Anomalocaris! well the head parts only but a nice surprise! Keep up the good work John.


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