Help us design Armidale’s new science mural

Armidale is a hub for science, exploration and discovery. Our science powerhouses, including the University of New England, the CSIRO, Northern Tablelands Local Land Services, and the APVMA, conduct scientific research into everything from the behaviour of prehistoric dinosaurs to developing new medicines.

The New England North West Regional Science hub wants to celebrate Armidale’s science credentials by installing a new science themed mural in the library. We want this mural to reflect our community and represent what science means to us all. We want to see what you think should be on the library walls. Submit your ideas for what you think the mural design should look like and our mural artist will incorporate ideas from the community into the final mural design.


Put your design on the space in this form and submit it via email to or in person at the Armidale War Memorial Library.

Terms and Conditions: In submitting this form you agree to all terms and conditions below. In submitting a design you retain copyright of your original work and acknowledge that it may be used as inspiration for the final design of the library mural. Elements of your design may be incorporated into the library mural. No single submitted design will form the basis of the final mural design. In submitting your design you acknowledge that you do not own any copyright of the final mural design to be installed in the library. All copyrights to the final design belong to the commissioned mural artist. In submitting your design you consent for your design and your personal information (name, and age) to be shared publicly, including on social media, by the New England North West Regional Science Hub, In Situ Science and the Armidale Regional Council. There are no prizes or awards associated with this project. The closing date for all submissions is Friday the 27th of November 2020. Anyone, of any age can take part in this initiative and multiple submissions from individuals are allowed. If any participant is under the age of 18 years, they are required to obtain their parent’s or guardian’s permission to enter and agree to these terms and will be deemed to have obtained such permission by submitting an entry. For further details or enquiries contact

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