How much water does it take to grow a duck?

Wetlands, despite their name, aren’t always wet. But when the rain starts and the rivers flow theses dynamic landscapes can flourish with life. Though the question remains, how much water is enough? Freshwater ecosystems have been significantly altered by water management for human use. In particular, flow regulation has resulted in enormous declines in both the extent and health of wetlands. In 2018 Lindsey Frost … Continue reading How much water does it take to grow a duck?

The Science Behind Poultry Farming

The global demand for poultry continues to rise but the resources we have to produce them don’t, so how can we continue to farm poultry sustainably, ethically and responsibly? A large proportion (20%) of dietary protein fed to broiler chickens is undigestible. These represent a significant proportion of diet cost and may have negative effects on broiler gastrointestinal health and performance. Moreover, decreasing protein excretion … Continue reading The Science Behind Poultry Farming

How does a truffle travel?

    How does a truffle travel? Sounds like a cheesy joke buts its a serious ecological question. Truffles are underground fungi that are dug up by animals and spread throughout forests. Their presence in the soil helps plants survive and cause soils to be turned over by animals. Fungi provide vital ecosystem functions by forming mycorrhizal associations with plants and are vital to the … Continue reading How does a truffle travel?

Life on the Edge – The rocky shores of Australia

  Living on the edge is tough, and there’s nowhere tougher than the tidal shores of the rocky coastline. Despite pounding waves and the scorching sun live thrives. And it all comes down to the amount of water, the essential ingredient for life. Filmed by Siobhan Dennison Written and presented by James O’Hanlon Help In Situ Science create more great videos by becoming a patron … Continue reading Life on the Edge – The rocky shores of Australia

Science Meets Design 2019 Video Highlights

Can science explain what makes good design? Are designers and scientists really that different? Or are they both just explorers searching for truth in different ways? We celebrated the intersections of Science and Design at the Sydney Design Panel with a celebrity panel featuring Tom Gordon, Chris Reid, Wendy Davis and Laura Jade Hindes. We explored everything from optical illusions to corpse piles to redneck … Continue reading Science Meets Design 2019 Video Highlights

Life Vs Science 2018: Video Highlights

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a scientist? Do they really wear lab coats? Are they really all timid nerds, like in the movies? All these questions and more were answered at In Situ Science’s annual Life Vs Science live podcast recording. Each year we celebrate National Science Week and the Sydney Science Festival with a live podcast at the Camelot Lounge … Continue reading Life Vs Science 2018: Video Highlights

Science Meets Making

Science is a creative process. Every time you ask a question or run an experiment you are doing something that has never been done before. Its no surprise then that science attracts very creative people. James O’Hanlon, the host of the In Situ Science podcast, is a zoologist that studies animal communication. To do this he uses his creative talents to make artificial animals that he … Continue reading Science Meets Making

Life Vs Science Highlights

The Sydney Science Festival 2017 rocked on from the 10th to the 20th of August. During this time, In Situ Science hosted “Life vs Science” a live podcast recording at The Camelot Lounge in Sydney. A wonderful audience filled the air with laughter as they learnt about science ‘behind-the-scenes’ from Jim Fishwick, Shane Hengst, Leigh Nicholson, James O’Hanlon and Alice Williamson. Check out the highlights … Continue reading Life Vs Science Highlights

What are animal weapons?

In this episode of In Situ Science we travel to New Zealand to spend some time with a research group from the University of Auckland that specialise in studying the behaviour and evolution of insects, spiders and harvestmen. This research group is currently working towards understanding the evolution of animal weapons. The lab’s leader Dr Greg Holwell introduces us to spiders and harvestmen with enormous … Continue reading What are animal weapons?

What is a Scientific Illustrator?

Observation, patience and attention to detail are skills necessary for both art and science. In Situ Science explores what it takes to be a scientific illustrator specialising in producing highly detailed and accurate images that demonstrate scientific concepts, specimens and procedures. Erin Walsh from the Australian National University is a research scientist and a scientific illustrator. Her skill and passion for illustration has helped shaped … Continue reading What is a Scientific Illustrator?