The Science Behind Poultry Farming

The global demand for poultry continues to rise but the resources we have to produce them don’t, so how can we continue to farm poultry sustainably, ethically and responsibly? A large proportion (20%) of dietary protein fed to broiler chickens is undigestible. These represent a significant proportion of diet cost and may have negative effects on broiler gastrointestinal health and performance. Moreover, decreasing protein excretion … Continue reading The Science Behind Poultry Farming

NanoZymes: Making light work of bacteria

Scientists have developed a new type of enzyme, called a NanoZyme, which is triggered by light to produce free radicals that kill bacteria. The technology could be used one day to fight infections by sterilising high-risk surfaces in areas such as hospitals and public bathrooms. Researchers from RMIT University in Melbourne created these NanoZymes from tiny nanorods of cupric oxide. The rods themselves are 1,000 … Continue reading NanoZymes: Making light work of bacteria