Science Meets Making

Science is a creative process. Every time you ask a question or run an experiment you are doing something that has never been done before. Its no surprise then that science attracts very creative people. James O’Hanlon, the host of the In Situ Science podcast, is a zoologist that studies animal communication. To do this he uses his creative talents to make artificial animals that he can then manipulate and present to other animals.

When presented with a new problem, scientists are given the challenge to come up with finding creative solutions using whatever skills and tools they have at hand. This means that the approaches different a scientists take, often reflect individual personalities, including various passions and hobbies. James O’Hanlon believes that this creative aspect of science reveals that artists and scientists are very similar people, that are driven to create both art and knowledge. Its probably no accident that many scientists, in their spare time, are also passionate musicians, artists, writers and performers.

Find out more at or follow James on Twitter @jamohanlon.

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