Flashback episode with Dr Heather Hendrickson

Our next flashback episode goes all the way back to Episode 11 where we chatted with Dr Heather Hendrickson about the battle against anti-biotic resistant bacteria. Dr Hendrickson is a research scientist and science communicator from Massey University in New Zealand. Her research group is at the front line of understanding how other forms of treatment can be used as alternatives to broad spectrum antibiotics. In this interview with In Situ Science she takes us through her research into bacteriophage therapy: finding viruses that will target and kill pathogenic bacteria.

Find out more about Heather’s research here and read her thoughts on the This Microbial Life blog.

Follow Heather on Twitter @DrHHNZ

Music: ‘Strange Stuff’ by Sonic Wallpaper – www.sonicwallpaper.bandcamp.com

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons User Manu5 – used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license

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